Featured Success Story

Only Good Apples

in this Bunch! 

Oliver was the first person I smiled at online when I became newly single. The next morning, I had a nice e-mail from Oliver sharing his geeky computer experiences. He had mentioned his family owned an apple orchard so I replied stating that I loved apples but that they gave me the "trots". Then I received no response. Worried that I'd scared him away, I continued to go on more dates. But then he replied! He had been taken away for work purposes and couldn't contact me. We made a date for two weeks later when he returned from abroad. When we met, it was instant chemistry. I knew he was the one when we shared raspberry gelato while we talked and walked for hours. We were married this October 10, 2010, three and a half years from our first date.
True Love Forever

In November 2008 I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try Lavalife. I was on the site for one month before finding my one true love. I did not know true love existed before I met my girlfriend, but now I know that true love is alive and well. She is my love, my life, and my everything and I cannot imagine spending one more second without her. Lavalife allowed me to express who I really was without having that fear of rejection. Now that I have my girlfriend, I am truly happy and know that we will be together forever. Thank you, Lavalife.


They Found Love in Lava Land!

I moved half way across the country and thought that Lavalife might be a great way to meet someone special. I didn't know what to expect but I thought patience would be the key to finding love in Lava Land. While I was starting with enthusiasm, "Smiley Face" had all but given up when she sent me an smile. Her smiling face lured me to her profile and after reading her "in my own words" I sent her a message. After a few message exchanges we agreed to meet. She was the first (and last) person that I agreed to meet in person. We met for coffee and, ironically, after our first meeting I received an errant text message congratulating me on my engagement. I was able to text back one year later and thank the mystery sender for those wishes! We've been married for over a year and thought we should send one last thank-you card out. So thanks, we definitely clicked!


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