Smiles, IM's, and

Sincere Love 

We met on Lavalife when she viewed my picture. I noticed and smiled at her; she smiled back, we exchanged emails and a few Sundays later we found we were both online at the same time. A few hours of IM's led to a phone call and we set up a first date for the next night. On the 2nd date, we were pretty sure, and by the 3rd date, we were completely committed to giving it our best.

We could feel there was nothing like the love that we shared. It's now 6 months later and we are buying a house together. Since we put it all out on the table in our profiles we only had to prove it in person. Neither of us would even bother to read profiles smaller than a paragraph as we both wanted to meet someone open enough to really share things in life. There is no faking this when both sides are sincere.

A Perfect Match on Lavalife

I met my perfect match on Lavalife in April of 2008. I wasn't really looking for anything but I guess that’s how it works - you find some things when you aren't really looking! We met after a month of chatting on Lavalife. We travelled back and forth for months before she moved in with me, and in December of 2008, I proposed. I never thought I would find my perfect match online, but I am so glad that I did. We’re getting married in March 2010, and can’t wait to spend our lives together.


One Thing Leads to Another...

We met a year ago on Lavalife and sparks flew right away! We chatted back and forth for a week, exchanged pictures and e-mails and one thing led to another…we started talking on the phone every night. When we met in person, it was instant chemistry and we thought that there was no way that things could happen so easily, since we’d been searching for our soul mates all of our adult lives. Months later, we moved in together, got engaged and now are very busy planning our 2009 summer wedding. We talk all the time about how thankful we are to Lavalife and the many relationships they have helped form. We could not be any more in love and happy, and are looking forward to the rest of our lives together. Thanks Lavalife for helping us find each other!


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